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20th Century Hobbies, Inc.

Serving the model railroad community since 1977

   Welcome to the 20th Century Hobbies home page.

Warning:  The United States Postal Service has raised the Priority Mail rates by a large percentage and the rates shown on our billing system may not be as much as the new rates.  We will be updating the rates in the next few weeks.

Instructions on how to use this web site:

To see the latest released and announced products, review the lower half of this page and then go to the first item in the left column and click on "What's New!!".   To look for items you are interested in, the best way is by using the Search feature.   Select the scale, then the category within the scale, i.e., railroad name, locos, passenger, freight, details/decals/track/structures...  Click on the underlined portion of the reference and it will take you to the selected items.  Use your back button or click on search again to return or travel anywhere on the web site.  The first page after this one you see on the site is the What's New!!! page.  We now have only one page of  "What's New!!" These products will be on this page for 3 months from their announced data and then drop off, but still will exist in our regular inventory.  These pages will bring you a listing of new things in stock and product announcements by manufacturers. Many items are "announced products" and not yet in stock or released by the manufacturers.  The delivery of these items varies from three to nine months, however it is prudent to order them immediately as the ordering times for new items is usually less than a month.  When ordering items and you have made your selection and filled in the quantity, click on our logo and it will bring you back to the data base to find more products.  We hope you find those things you want and please feel free to contact us at eltrainmaster@20thcenturyhobbies.com  about any problems you may have encountered.  Thank you.

Chinese's interbank interest rates are rising rapidly! Some expect a credit crunch to occur in China. Only one manufacturer owns their own plant, so, if they cannot borrow, they cannot produce product. 20th Century Hobbies is building inventory in anticipation of potential problems. We have no idea of the financial stability of the manufacturing plants in China, which could cause disruptions. To be clear, our sole intention is to give you the peace of mind in knowing 20th Century Hobbies is here with a large amount of capital to facilitate your needs. Everyone is having a few problems with supplies. Apparently a large manufacturer in China stopped making models for a multitude of American companies and some of the smaller Chinese manufacturers have gone bankrupt. Models for Atlas, InterMountain, LifeLike, Walthers and a host of other American companies have been stopped and/or delayed with no expectation date available. Except for companies who have their models made in the USA there is a lack of new products. Don't hold your breath for a lot of announced products. It may take a long time, if ever, to get them.

We will have errors on this site such as descriptions and prices and we will fix them as we continue to update the data in the database.  We have loaded about 15,000 pictures of the products and only have another 500 to go.  Thanks for your patience during this time.

We take Discover Card, MasterCard, American Express,
VISA and PayPal!!



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