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20th Century Hobbies, Inc.

Serving the model railroad community since 1977


Many manufacturers are building models to order.  What does that mean to you?  Here's the routine:
#1. The manufacturer announces the model.
#2. From the day of announcement, you usually have three weeks to order from us to get the advance reservation price.
#3. When reservations close here, we have three days to get an order to the distributors.
#4. The distributors combine all their retailer orders and then order from the manufacturer.
#5. The manufacturer then orders their product (usually from China) to be built.  THEY ONLY ORDER ENOUGH TO FILL THE ORDERS THEY HAVE FROM THE DISTRIBUTORS AND NO OTHERS.
#6. Six months later the model arrives at the manufacturer and they ship to distributors.
#7. Within two weeks, the distributors ship to the retailers.
#8. Within two days of receiving the model, we notify all customers who have reservations.  We expect that within two days, our advance reservation customers arrange for payment with us and we ship the models.
Beware - the shipping schedules from most manufacturers are optimistic.  Very rarely do we find the schedule to be on target.  They arrive usually later than scheduled.
Our policy is to order about 25% more models than we have reservations.  That means we may carry an inventory of those items for a short while.  Many of these extra items are ordered by customers who missed the advance reservation time limits and want the model prior to their release.  THAT USUALLY MEANS THEY ARE GONE BEFORE THEY COME IN.  We will include any of these inventoried models on our web site to let you know if they are still available.  Be very careful.  In order to get your favorite model you must respond quickly to the announcements of all the manufacturers mentioned on our web site.  Atlas, Bachmann, Model Die Casting and Stewart all operate under this system now and after the first delivery of these new items, they are usually, very quickly, unavailable.
 Based on these order policies strictly enforced by the manufacturer and occasional confusion at our distributors, we can not guarantee any reservation.  We no longer handle Life-Like products since they were bought by Walthers.  We suggest if you want Life-Like products, order them direct through Walthers.
Standard Terms:
Our standard terms are payment with your order.  We do not extend credit terms to anyone.  We accept personal checks, money orders, bank checks and VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express credit cards and PayPal.  We do not accept Diners Club.  All orders are shipped next business day via United States Postal Service Priority Mail or in the case of small parts and decals, USPS First Class Mail.  Those orders paid by personal check will be held 7 business days (time for your check to clear) prior to shipment.
We welcome foreign orders.  We have customers world wide and we will ship almost anywhere. We will not accept  orders to Singapore, Maylasia, Viet Nam, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Sudan and Indonesia.   Foreign orders are usually shipped USPS Air Mail Parcel Post (7 business days delivery).


We discount almost everything we sell.  Decals and small parts are not discounted, but we do pay for the shipping costs on most of those items and ship USPS First Class Mail.  Our standard discount is 15%.  On advance reservations, we reduce the price another $5.00 per locomotive to encourage you to make advance reservations with us to secure your model(s).  On items that are discounted less than 15% it means that the distributor or manufacturer has a lesser than normal discount to us.  Advance reservations on Morning Sun Books are always $9.95 less than the publishers prepublication price.  Many products on our web site are discounted more than 15% and as deep as 60% in some cases.  When we get a bargain, we pass it on to our customers.
Shipping costs:
As noted before, we usually ship USPS Priority Mail which is delivered usually in less than three days anywhere in the continental USA. Orders are shipped from US zip code 08809.   Books are usually $5.60; one locomotive $6.50; two locomotives $9.75; and more than two locomotives $15.00.  $15.00 is our maximum shipping charge in the continental USA.


Returned checks will incur a $35.00 charge for bank fees and handling.
We take special care in packing every item shipped to our customers.  All returns must be cleared and approved by us before the items are returned.  We allow returns from customers who receive broken or damaged goods, and wrong merchandise immediately.  If an item is missing parts, contact the manufacturer direct for replacement.  Usually the instructions in the model box give you a web site or contact phone number to facilitate replacement parts directly from the manufacturer.

Orders sent through our web site are considered a CONTRACT.  If you return an item because:
#1. you did not understand what you were ordering  or
#2. you don't like what you received because of manufacturer quality or not to your standards or
#3. YOU WERE NOT QUALIFIED TO ORDER 'CRAFTSMEN' KITS and can't put them together, or
#4. you committed to the order through our web site and then canceled it after it has been packed and/or shipped,
you will be charged a 15% restocking fee for your return.

We take the utmost care in securing your personal data.  None of the data you enter into our web site during ordering is kept on our web site or on line. 

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