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HO Scale - Buildings & Structures

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Freight CarsPassenger CarsBuildings and Structures
Item Code Description Price
ATL-891 New York Central HO Plate Girder Bridge-New York Central code 100 nickel silver rail Silver & black- $9.50
ATL-894 Delaware & Hudson HO Plate Girder Bridge-Delaware & Hudson code 100 nickel silver rail - Black & White $9.50
ATL-896 New Haven HO Plate Girder Bridge-New Haven code 100 nickel silver rail - Black & White - $9.50
Item Code Description Price
BAC-45172 HO Pedestrian Bridge Plasticville USA Series spans two tracks, black $12.50
BAC-45536 HO Main Street Apothecary Silver Series in plastic shrink wrap - Orange front, green sides & trim, gray roof $14.50
Item Code Description Price
LIF-1339 HO Hotel Belvidere kit model building depicting a 20th century hotel for a small town. $16.95
LIF-1364 HO W.S. Engineering, Inc. Building Kit- two story wood building with gray roof $9.95
LIF-1373 HO New Downtown Business Center building easy to assemble, multi-colored molding and painting, 4 businesses in one, super detailed $9.99
Model Power
Item Code Description Price
MPC-316 HO Old Coal Mine kit consisting of a high shed and a lower office all above tracks $30.00
MPC-435 HO Old Wooden Storage Shed kit with two doors and assorted pieces, ladder, wood horse $12.00
MPC-437 HO Trackside Buildings 3 piece kit work shed, crossing shed, and outhouse $16.00
MPC-443 HO Power Station kit, white brick with gray window frames and transformer attached to side $16.00
MPC-574 HO Built Up Interstate Freight Terminal lighted with 2 people with tan cinder block sides and dark gray window frames $24.50
MPC-576 HO Built Up Averill Gold Refining Company/Durkin Pickel Factory lighted with large red brick chimney, light brown cinder block sides with brown open shed $24.50
MPC-578 HO Built Up Herald Tribune/Globe News Printing light brown cinder block with gray doors and window frames lighted with 2 figures $24.50
MPC-580 HO Built Up Power Station lighted with light yellow cinder block with black window frames and doors with 2 people on a gray surrounding sidewalk (base) $18.00
Item Code Description Price
VOL-2546 HO Box Girder Bridge-gray 1-5/8inches wide, 4cm $44.95

17 products displayed.

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