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HO Scale - Details and Decals

Diesel LocomotivesSteam LocomotivesDetails and Decals
Freight CarsPassenger CarsBuildings and Structures
American Model Builders
Item Code Description Price
AMB-367 Erie HO Etched Window for 80' Branchline Coach for the Erie kits. $5.95
Item Code Description Price
BOW-40198 Bowser 33 inch metal wheel set non magnetic with needlepoint axles package of 20 for 5 cars IN STOCK $19.50
Item Code Description Price
BRA-707 HO Gothic Standard picket fence, 2 1/2 foot high, 91 scale feet (12.53 inches) $11.98
BRA-710 HO Stockade Fencing - privacy fence with lattice, 8 foot high, 80 scale feet (11.02 inches) $14.98
Gloor Craft
Item Code Description Price
GLO-826 5 piece brake set $1.50
Herald King Decals
Item Code Description Price
HER-B-347 Delaware & Hudson HO 50' Box Car Dark Grey & White, dark grey underframe & black trucks, dark grey, white & orange lettering & dark grey white herald Delaware & Hudson big G $4.99
HER-B-621 Boston & Maine HO Decal -Boston & Maine - Box Car $4.99
HER-B-625 Boston & Maine HO Boston & Maine 50' Blue Box Car $4.99
HER-C-500 Reading HO Reading Green/Yellow Caboose 1974 black underframe, trucks, green & yellow lettering $4.99
HER-H-500 Reading HO Reading Black Open Hopper 4-72 Baby Blue End Panel white lettering $4.99
HER-L-340 Delaware & Hudson HO Delaware & Hudson Blue & Grey Diesel Hood Units 1973 blue lettering, blue & yellow herald $4.99
HER-PR54 General Motors HO E8A EMD Demostration Hood Diesel Unit dark blue, aluminum & black $4.99
HER-R-220 Bangor & Aroostook HO Bangor & Aroostook Refrigerator car 8-77 black trucks black lettering white and aqua herald $4.99
HER-SDB HO Stripes Dark Blue $4.99
HER-SMB HO Stripes Medium Blue $4.99
HER-Z-620 Boston & Maine HO Decal Boston & Maine 40' Trailer $4.99
Highball Graphics
Item Code Description Price
HBG-F102 Maine Central HO Maine Central Green 53' Mill Gondola - Orange decals $7.00
HBG-F121 Boston & Maine HO Boston & Maine Blue FMC 50' Boxcars white decals $7.00
HBG-F176 New York & Greenwood Lake New York & Greenwood Lake 50' Boxcars $7.00
HBG-L107 Maine Central HO Maine Central Switcher Green diesel locomotives $7.00
HBG-L108 Boston & Maine HO Boston &Maine Steam Speed Lettering Steam locomotives $7.00
Item Code Description Price
KAD-161 Quickie Switch Pushbuttons-Green- 3 pack (Discontinued by Kadee) $2.99
KAD-162 Quickie Switch Pushbuttons-Red- 3 pack (Discontinued by Kadee) $2.99
KAD-321 Permanent Magnetic Delayed Uncoupler (between-the-rails) Code 100 (2 pkg) $4.75
Item Code Description Price
MIR-87573 Erie Lackawanna HO Erie Lackawanna Locomotive stripes for E, F & PA diesel units $8.00
MIR-87591 Norfolk Southern HO Norfolk Southern Covered Hopper, Airslide, Coil Car (1988+) $8.00
MIR-87691 Reading HO Reading Hood Diesel Locomotives 1939-1976 Green schemes $8.00
MIR-87813 Lackawanna HO Lackawanna (DL&W) Freight Locomotive stripes for F diesel units (1945-1960) $8.00
MIR-90012 HO Extended Roman Passenger CarBlack Letters & Numbers $7.00
MIR-91146 HO 6 in. stripes decal yellow $7.00
MIR-MC4361 Central of New Jersey HO Decals Central of New Jersey Cabooses 1965- 1976 $5.00
Item Code Description Price
COAL-2 Loose Black Coal in a Zip Lok bag 2 1/2 ounces $0.00
NON-0004 Patch of Dark Green Grass - 7 1/4 in. x 3 1/8 in. $0.02
NON-0005 Lackawanna Decals, very small black on white & gold lettering and numbers $1.00
RUN-0001 Fiber Optics for Interior Lighting Cabooses or passenger cars $2.00
Prime Mover Decals
Item Code Description Price
PMD-006 Susquehanna NYS&W Budd Stainless Steel Cars (RDC and coach) $5.95
PMD-009 Erie Lackawanna Erie Lackawanna/NJDOT Commuter Car (Coach/Cab Control or Snack Bar) $14.95
PMD-010 Erie Lackawanna EL/NJDOT U34CH Diesels (Blue/Silver Scheme) $4.75
PMD-013 Susquehanna NYS&W Diesels (Maroon Stripe Scheme) $11.25
PMD-014 Susquehanna NYS&W Diesels (Maroon/Gray Scheme) $8.50
PMD-015 Susquehanna NYS&W Modern RDC (M-5 to M8) post 1994 era $8.95
PMD-021 Hoboken Shore Hoboken Shore 44-tonners (700 or 701) $6.25
PMD-038 Erie Lackawanna HO Erie Lackawanna Early Red Cabooses white lettering $4.95
PMD-039 Erie Lackawanna HO Erie Lackawanna/Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Gray/Maroon Passenger Equipment with maroon lettering decals Letters all EL or DL&W gray passenger $8.25
PMD-040 Lackawanna HO-DL&W Piggyback Flatcars -Letters two DL&W piggyback flat cars, complete with all lettering variations that ever existed on the many series.In Stock Now!! $4.95
PMD-042 Lackawanna HO Features every CAR name for every gray/maroon DL&W or EL Pullman, as well as ancillary AIR BRAKE INSTRUCTION CAR and SAFETY AND TRAINING CAR lettering! $5.95
Item Code Description Price
WAL-85163000 HO Decals for Bombedier Passenger Cars for a variety of roadnames including most of the Metro/Transit trains from various local areas. $3.00
WAL-934-4607 Delaware & Hudson HO Decal Delaware & Hudson Caboose, yellow lettering for a red body caboose $4.00
WAL-934-4993 Erie Lackawanna HO Decal Erie Lackawanna EMC E8A Diesel Locomotive yellow lettering $4.00

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